E-commerce giant Amazon is beleaguered by complaints from third party sellers that Chinese counterfeiters are undercutting prices and faking reviews to take legitimate business from them.

A CNBC report talked about loopholes and weak policing issues with Amazon’s policies, which make it easy for counterfeiters to make use of the site. To quote from the report: Amazon is turning into “the world’s largest flea market – a chaotic, somewhat lawless, bazaar with unlimited inventory”.

Third party sellers, who account for about 40 per cent of the products sold by the online retail major, are demanding that Amazon takes action to sort out the problem.

However, the online store has dismissed claims of largescale counterfeits being sold through its portal. “Amazon does not allow the sale of counterfeit items on its Marketplace and occurrences of counterfeit products are very rare. Every customer who orders on Amazon is covered by our A-Z guarantee and if they do receive counterfeit goods from a marketplace seller, we will refund or replace that item,” the company said in a statement.

Alibaba is another e-commerce major that has been plagued by counterfeit issues.

Source: https://www.securingindustry.com


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