The CONCERT Trust, (a centre for Consumer Education Research, Teaching, Training and Testing) and a sister organization of Consumers Association of India, conducted a series of tests on 12 different medicines to test for the following parameters. CONCERT has a mobile Drug Testing laboratory received from the Global Pharmacy Health Foundation. The tests are for :

Visual Inspection
Disintegration Test
Verification of identify by color reactions
Verification of drug content by TLC.
During the last several months, CONCERT found that Erythromycin Tablets failed thrice in the disintegration test. The medicine with the Brand Name of Erythromycin Sterate Tabs 250 mg, was purchased from 2 different pharmacies in Chennai, but manufactured by the same company (viz) M/s Jackson Laboratories of Himachal Pradesh.

Our further enquiries revealed that the said firm was originally booked for manufacturing defective medicines in by the Drug Controller, Rajasthan.

CONCERT took up this matter with the Director of Drug Control Tamil Nadu, and he, after due investigations concurred with our findings. During a subsequent probe, the Drug Controller of Tamil Nadu found all the tablets under this Brand Name defective. Tamilnadu Drug Controller then ordered seizure of the medicines sold under that brand name from all pharmacies in Tamil nadu. He is pursuing further action against the manufacturer / distributor etc.

CONCERT had last year detected similar deficiency in the same medicine manufactured by M/s Anrose Pharma, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

CONCERT Trust is continuously conducting tests and investigations with the help of the kit received from GPF Mini Lab (Global Pharma Health Fund ).


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