During the 50th meeting of Drugs consultative committee held on 5th and 6th November 2016 among others, the following subjects were discussed.

Draft rules for regulating clinical trials which will be ready in 2 months.

Draft rules for medical devices which have been published and the department is waiting for suggestions.

Wherever the state government does not have adequate facilities for testing drugs, they can avail the services of central drug lab in the state.

A proposal has been made to make it mandatory for the engagement of pharmacists in blood banks.

Drugs and Cosmetics Act to be amended to provide labelling of information, readable with naked eDrugs Consultative Committee discusses rules for clinical trials and medical devices

Advisory to be issued to direct retail outlets to keep magnifying glass, for reading the information.

In the case of NSQ drugs, the manufacturers are responsible for recalling them from supply chain.

Each wholesale premises should have a pharmacist.

Courtesy: cdsco.org

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