Samples of packaged drinking water collected from various places in the city have been found to be contaminated with faecal coliform bacteria, as well as with other potentially harmful substances.

Samples were collected from 18 suppliers of packaged water, and included bubble top and mineral water bottles.
The initiative followed a directive from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that drinking water be tested across the State of Kerala.

Tests revealed the presence of yeast and moulds as well as low PH levels.

P.K. Aleyamma, FSSAI Assistant Commissioner said 12 of the 18 samples failed to meet FSSAI standards. In many of the processing units which advertised processes like reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filtration, the equipment was found to be not working.

Also, the inspection revealed that in some cases, local companies were simply supplying filtered water collected from home-based wells and not treated water.


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