Participated in a debate on online Pharmacy at the 25th Year celebrations of Tamilnadu Pharmaceuticals

The topic of the debate was on “Online Pharmacy- Needed or not” I took the “no” aspect. The others members were.

1. Dr.V.Ravichandran, Director, NIPER, Kolkata

2. Shri. T.S.Jaishankar, M/s. Quest Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd.

3. Shri. R.K. Radhakrishnan, Frontline Magazine

4. Shri. R.Srinivasan, Essen Associates

5. Shri. T. Ilango, Pharmacy Council of Tamilnadu

The present policy of Government of India on online is only between B to B. But here it is between B to C which is to be introduced. There is no definition of market places, product sellers etc.,

1. The online pharmacy negates essential rights of the Consumer Protection Act.

2. Right to be informed.(consumer is not aware of the details)

3. Right to choice(The brand is decided by the suppliers)

4. Right to safety(Time barred drugs)

5. (Medicines not stored as per specialisation)

6. It contravenes Sec 18 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of Section 3&4 Drugs and Magic remedies Act.

7. Illegal trading of prohibited drugs like contraceptives, narcotics etc. Dealers Hansa OASIS etc.,

8. As per Drugs and Cosmetics Act a registered pharmacist must be available at the place of despatch but does an online Pharmacy have one?

9. Drugs are not stored as per the conditions noted in the label.

10. They say that online Pharmacies are working well in western countries. But the truth is, we are getting lot of complaints there too.

11. An online examination of a patient by an unknown doctor is no substitute for a face to examination.

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