Don’t be a victim of unethical practices

1. Always go to a registered medical practitioner. Medical Council registration is vital to check

2. Always ask for a prescription

3. Always take full course of medicine

4. Always insist for a new disposable syringe and needle each time you go for a blood test or blood donation or injection

5. Always go to a recognised/accredited laboratory for investigations, if recommended by your doctor

6. Always check the label of medicines for dates of manufacturing and expiry.

7. Always ask for a receipt.

8. Never buy unpacked medicine.

9. Never pay more than printed MRP. It includes all taxes.

10. Never be misled by tall claims made in advertisements. Look for scientific evidence.

11. Don’t hesitate to approach State Medical Council/Consumer Forum for cases of medical negligence

Avoid the trap of Misleading Ads & more!

1. Don’t be fooled by ads like ‘lose weight permanently! Never diet again!’ ‘Reduce inches from your waist and thighs’.
2. The colour of skin is determined by genetic factors, not by fairness creams. Purchase decisions made on the basis of such ads only lighten the purse, not the colour of skin!

3. Take care of your health by minimizing use of mobile phones, avoiding its use in car when on low battery or when signals are low

4. Resistance to antibiotics is a major global threat to public health. Don’t pop antibiotics without doctor’s prescription.

5. Low back pain is fast emerging as a major ergonomic risk. Take care of your posture!

6. You can suffer from hyper-vitaminosis through high intake of supplements. Make natural choices.

7. One medium carrot provides 200% of RDA of Vitamin A (Retinol).

8. Typical chulha releases 400 cigarettes per hour worth of smoke! Even today 700 million people are in chulha trap in india, leading to various health concerns due to air pollution. Time to switch over to healthier fuels!

9. An obese 10 year old child has heart of 40 year old!

10. Proper labelling on food products, particularly regarding trans fats is the need of the hour.

11. You can raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) by yoga, active physical exercises and making sensible food choices.

Time to wake up!

As per WHO (2011), with over 52 lakh deaths in India in 2008, non-communicable diseases have become number one killer in the country. Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity are key risk factors for major non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes

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