The project on School Consumer Clubs entered its 2nd month and so far 20 schools have been covered, with a total of 2368 children. All the three lectures were completed in all 20 schools. With this, the project goes on to the next stage of competition among the children on elocution, poster drawing and project.

(a) The topic for elocution will be:-
“who is responsible for food safety – consumer – trader – regulator”.

(b) The poster drawing will be on “Personal Hygiene”

(c) Projects will be undertaken on the leading advertisement and misleading labels in food packets. students will be asked to listen to various advertisements and note misleading info if any and look out for deficiency in food labels.

Initially the competition will be conducted in each of the 20 schools by the school authorities.

The first three in each category will compete in the final competitions to be held on 8th march 2016, when CAI will be celebrating “World Consumer Rights Day” at Chennai Museum Theatre Auditorium in Egmore. The prize winners will be judged by selected judges and prizes given to toppers. Certificates will be issued to all the participants.
This brings us to the end of the three month project on consumer awareness/ food safety/ personal hygiene among school children of Govt. Schools in Chennai city

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