On 3.12.2016 a Students’ Consumer Awareness programme on, ‘Sustainable Consumption” was arranged at Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar. About 120 boys / Girls assembled for the programme. Mrs.Prema Consumer Club Coordinator welcomed the gathering and gave an introductory address about the programme.

A power point on the above title was presented by Mr.G.Santhanarajan, our Director including the need for sustainable production, sustainable development and consumption. How sustainable consumption could be adopted in day to day life in food, water, energy, travel, products and services were explained to the students. During Question Answer session several questions were asked by boys and girls.

1. One boy asked, would reduction in consumption lead to reduction in production which would affect the economy of the country?

2. Instead of asking us to shun plastic, why does the Government not ban the production of plastics? All their doubts were cleared.

Several students appreciated the information provided to them and admitted that these messages would be very useful and would share with their friends, families and neighbours.

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