Various consumer organizations have joined hands to draw attention to the disparity of car safety regulations within Latin America, which makes it possible for global automobile majors to make and sell cars that cannot pass safety parameters in Europe and USA, in these countries

A report titled Safer Cars For Latin America, released recently in Lima Peru, says 15 out of 22 car models which have been independently verified as unsafe are being sold to Latin American consumers by leading manufacturers such as General Motors (Chevrolet), Nissan, VW, Fiat, Hyundai and Suzuki. Some of these vehicles, which will not pass the more stringent regulations in other countries, are in fact on the best-seller lists in the Latin American nations.

Speaking on the issue, Amanda Long, Director General of Consumers International (CI) said
“The data speaks for itself – there is an unacceptable double standard happening right across Latin America. Consumers’ lives are put at risk where government regulations are weak, as manufacturers are capitalising on these gaps in regulations and continue to sell cars they know are unsafe.

In India too, car manufacturers have been shown to be making and selling vehicles which have failed safety crash tests under stiffer parametres. India is planning to bring in the UN minimum standard regulations in 2017.

Tamara Meza, Consumers International’s Regional Networker in Chile, said “We are calling on Latin American governments to adopt the UN Regulations and to work with consumer organisations on awareness raising campaigns to save lives. We also call on car manufacturers to stop selling cars that have been proven to be unsafe and to voluntarily adopt the UN Regulations. They will need to comply one day soon, we will be pushing governments to regulate, so now is the time to make the change to safer cars.”


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