CONCERT has always been in the forefront in advising the Government to improve and modify standards particularly in Food related issues. Our repeated campaign to restrict Trans Fat had forced the Government of India to reduce the maximum limit. Our attempts to reduce limits for lead content has not been responded to favourably so far.

During April 2014, we wrote to member Secretary of FAD – 14 to bring down the level of Bromate to 10 micro grams per litre, citing valid reasons.

Now BARC had informed that the presence of Bromate (a by product of disinfection) has to be curbed (report of Times of India dated 25.4.2014). This had prompted BIS to include the test for Bromate as mandatory. To an RTI question, they have informed that maximum permissible limit of bromate has been fixed at 0.01 micro grams per litre.

We shall continue to bring pressure on the government for safer foods.

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