The District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum here has awarded a compensation of Rs. 50,000 to a woman whose gall bladder surgery was botched by doctors at a private hospital. The woman, R Indira Gandhi, had reported to the hospital with abdominal pain. Tests revealed that she had gall bladder stones. The chief doctor at the hospital advised removing the gall bladder by laparoscopic surgery.

She underwent the procedure, but developed digestive problems and pain soon afterwards. Doctors prescribed her painkillers and sedatives. They assured her husband that there were no complications, and discharged her after three days.

However, Indira continued to complain of stomach pain, and was admitted to another hospital. Examination by doctors there revealed that the surgery had not been done in a proper manner. She had multiple lesions and clumping of bowel loops. Indira’s counsel submitted that the Chief Doctor was not present during surgery, and that the operation was done by two inexperienced doctors. The Forum was not impressed by the hospital’s explanations, and ordered the private hospital and the three doctors involved to pay Indira the compensation amount. Though the cost of the surgery was covered by Tamil Nadu government’s insurance scheme, they were also ordered to reimburse Indira the Rs. 9,806 spent for subsequent tests and another Rs. 5,000 for the case-related expenses.


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