Comparative Testing (CT) is a formal process by which different brands of a product category are tested for


For conformance to the minimum standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards and how much the brand exceeds these minimum standards

Potential health and safety hazards even under not-normal usage of the product

verified for special claims of the manufacturers, if any, and evaluated before publishing the results.

A standard test procedure has been laid down by CONCERT. This is termed as the Testing Procedure Manual. An expert (Project Consultant) is leading this activity based on BIS procedures and is assisted by a group called the Expert Advisory Committee consisting of 4 experts from differen t fields. The entire CT team is guided by an Ombudsman who finally approves the test procedures, selection of labs, technical reports etc.

The CONCERT Lead/ Project Consultant is assigned with the responsibility of generation of detailed comparative Testing Report, Schedule, Rationale for choosing Test Samples, Identification of Labs, Cost of Test Articles, Testing Charges, Test Methods, Statistical Analysis, Scoring and Preparation of final project report with product score.

The Program Manager is the focal point who interfaces with the Management and the CONCERT Leads for Comparative Test of products or services.

After the final Test Reports are received from the labs, they are studied for accuracy and put together as a Technical Report to be presented to the Ombudsman for final approval before publication.



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