In a recent judgement, (CC97/2016) the NCDRC (National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission) has related its position on Section 12(1)(c) of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and ordered that all builder related cases can be filed in NCDRC, , thus skipping the lower forums.

Lot of confusion and ambiguity arose in the interpretation of complaints under section 12(a) (c)
As per the order,

A complaint under section 12 (1)(c) is maintainable before the commission, where the aggregate value of the goods purchased or services hired, by all the consumers on whose behalf or for whose benefit the complaint is initiated and the total compensation if any, exceeds 1 crore, the value of individual goods/services or date of booking etc., will be wholly irrelevant.

Even those consumers, who had originally filed cases, can join the group now, after withdrawing the main petition.
Section (12) deals with the process of the filing a case in the CDR forum/ state/ National commissions, as the case may be.


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