Consumers International (CI) has formulated a strategic plan aimed at ultimately making consumers powerful enough to take on governments and corporations and successfully challenge unfair, unsafe and unethical practices.

CI, against the backdrop of an increasingly globalised and digitised world, envisages creating a collaborative online platform for the global consumer movement which will support new forms of consumer empowerment and Member benefits, thus increasing the collective power and influence of both itself and its members. It aims to partner with members globally, to deliver co-ordinated, targeted, multi-national campaigns and advocacy to make a major impact in advancing consumer rights and empowerment.

“Such digital innovation will allow the global movement, alongside consumers themselves, to speak with one voice on the global stage – tackling injustices in the global marketplace with the weight of numbers needed to make multi-national businesses take notice,” the CI said.

“The platform we seek to create will also be a space for our Members and Supporters to share knowledge, best practice and assets; to access and contribute to research; and develop campaign materials and digital empowerment tools. It will be a platform open and accessible to every size and type of CI Member, offering a range of ways to get involved.”

The strategy has been formulated in keeping with the vision of the CI Council and Director General, and based on the extensive feedback received from CI members. “Together, we will achieve major change through influential, evidence-based advocacy and impactful, targeted, multi-national campaigns that solve the problems consumers experience in a global marketplace. We will do this by forcing changes in supplier practices and winning better deals for consumers,” the CI said.


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