CI’s German Members, VZBV: the Federation of German Consumer Organizations and DIN Consumer Council have challenged a new Food Standard, saying it is too broad, and will allow even genetically modified food to be described as ‘natural’.

This means that consumers may be misled, and that is a clear breach of consumer trust, the organizations say.
VZBV and DIN Consumer Council want stringent conditions to be met before a product can be labeled ‘natural.’
Germany has already decided not to adopt this standard ,but VZBV and DIN Consumer Council are concerned about consumers in other countries. They want consumers in other countries to mobilize support against the Standard too.

International Standards are voluntary guidelines and rules that countries and business can choose to adopt. They apply to a range of products and services and are important as they set a precedent for good practice as well as often forming the basis of legal legislation in the future. If used properly they help to ensure that consumers, no matter where they are in the world, can expect the same levels of safety and quality from their products and services.


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