The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) is taking steps to correct dietary misdirection in the country, and bring the people back to eating the healthy foods that have been on their traditional menus.

Rosemary Siyachitema, Executive Director of CCZ says that diet has emerged as a (false) indicator of prestige in the country, and people choose to eat chocolates, sweets, chips and Western fast foods because doing so makes them to be perceived as wealthy in their peer group. However, such choices mean that they eat less of the less-processed foods that have been part of their cuisine for ages, leading to a host of diet-induced health problems.

Obesity, ironically, is an issue in this economically backward country, and associated problems account for significant expense. The problem is accentuated by the lack of medical facilities and is burdening the already overloaded healthcare system.

In order to wean the public away from harmful diets and draw them back to their traditional, food choices, the CCZ is organizing events including a fair showcasing healthy foods and diets in connection with World Consumer Rights Day 2015.

“WCRD is an important way to remind those who run supermarkets, the producers, manufacturers and consumers to consider healthy food and diets – and make local food more fashionable. Producers need to work to reduce salts, sugars and fats which can lead to cardiac diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers and other NCDs,” Ms Siyachitema said.


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