The Consumers Association of India (CAI) has succeeded in making an impression on young minds, and has created an awareness of consumer rights among school children.

R Amrutha is one such newly-aware young person. The 9th grader went to a shop to buy a bar of chocolate, and found that the shopkeeper had charged her Rs. 10 more than the MRP.

Amrutha, who had been exposed to the idea of consumer rights, told the shopkeeper that she could complain against him at the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum as per the Consumer Protection Act 1986. The shopkeeper, realizing that he could be in serious trouble, undertook to charge only the MRP going forward.

Recounting the incident, Amrutha thanked the Consumer Club, an initiative of CAI, for giving her the awareness necessary to secure her rights.

The CAI set up Student Consumer Clubs in 20 Chennai schools. A valedictory function for the initiative was held as part of the World Consumer’s Day celebrations.

Around 200 school students participated in the event, and several of them raised pertinent questions or made valid points about consumer rights.


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