CONCERT was invited to participate in the popular Talk Show titled “Ayudha Ezhuthu” programme on 8.7.2016 telecast by Thanthi TV by Mr.G.Santhanarajan.

The topic on 8th July 2016 was “Adulteration in Chocolate” sold near schools. A school student in North Chennai was admitted in hospital after consuming chocolate sold near his school. The chocolate was laced with intoxicating material was the complainant. In this background four participants were invited for discussion on this topic.

1. One representing ruling party

2. One from Media

3. CONCERT representing food safety

4. One police personnel

Large amount of Gutka, Ganja and tobacco products are being seized by FSSAI, in connection with chocolate incident. Raids are arranged throughout the State. However on behalf of CONCERT and on behalf of Consumers the following points were placed before the audience during the discussion.

1. Our country has best rules and regulations on food safety

2. But we fail miserably in implementation of the rules

3. Government acts only after such incidents that appear on media

4. There shall be regular checks near schools to prohibit sale of such unsafe foods.

5. Chocolate with ganja falls under the purview of two departments

6. FSSAI and Forensic Department needs to act here to fix the adulteration

7. Jurisdiction problem shall not hamper the probe in this case

8. Strict action should be taken to protect students welfare

Most of the discussion went around control and sale of intoxicating materials rather than food safety.

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