Consumers Association of India (CAI) launches new Consumer Helpline: 044 – 2449 3443

Consumers Association of India (CAI) is pleased to announce a helpline number that will provide free information and independent advice to all consumers in Tamil Nadu on how to handle problems arising in their day to day dealings with traders, manufacturers, banks and other service providers.

Any consumer who has paid money and purchased a product and found it to be defective or availed of a service and found it to be deficient can call CAI Consumer Helpline between 10am and 6pm Monday through Friday. Enquiries and complaints can also be sent via email to [email protected].

The launch of this service is in direct response to requests received from our Members, and to safeguard consumer’s interests from adulterated and substandard goods, as well as misrepresentation and deficiency in services provided.

“Vast expansion of business and trade has resulted in flooding of our markets with increased variety of products, it is therefore necessary to protect the interests of consumers from exploitation”, said Mr. Ramachandran, Managing Trustee.

Consumers need an effective, efficient and inexpensive grievance redressal mechanism to ensure that manufacturers, traders and service providers are held accountable for the price and quality of goods and services they sell in the marketplace.

Apart from advice and information, CAI Consumer Helpline will provide alternate dispute resolution with an aim to reducing the burden on consumer courts. As per latest data, Tamil Nadu State Consumer Court alone has 1784 pending cases.

Keeping in line with the National Consumer Helpline, CAI Consumer Helpline shall have a twofold objective:

1. To provide advice, guidance, information to consumers and empower them to fight for their consumer rights.

2. To persuade businesses to reorient their policy and management systems to address consumer grievances in an effective, efficient and quick manner.

CAI Helpline shall empower consumers to use available consumer grievance redressal methods by providing information related to regulatory authorities and companies. If the complaint is unresolved, CAI Helpline shall provide Alternate Dispute Resolution. In the event ADR is not successful, CAI Helpline shall guide consumers on how to file complaint in the consumer fora. The Helpline shall also aim to persuade manufacturers, traders and service providers to be socially and legally responsible.

About Consumers Association of India (CAI) – CAI is a voluntary consumer organization based in Chennai with members from all over India. CAI has been serving the interests of consumers for the past 17 years on various issues that affect their Rights. Since inception, CAI has filed 200 petitions before the District and State fora, handled more than 15,000 complaints, of which 95% were settled by mediation and 2% decided to take legal action. CAI has also handled the Tamil Nadu State Consumer Helpline for a period of two years. CAI represents consumers’ interest in various committees. For further details, please visit our website or email us at [email protected] .

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