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Vast expansion of business and trade has resulted in flooding of our markets with increased variety of products, like consumer durables, fast moving consumer goods and a host of services, like e-commerce, banking and insurance. Over the years, the volume of retail transaction have multiplied manifold. It is therefore necessary to protect the interests of consumers from exploitation, and to safeguard their interests from adulterated and substandard goods, as well as misrepresentation and deficiency in services provided. Consumers need an effective, efficient and inexpensive grievance redressal mechanism to ensure that manufacturers, traders and service providers are held accountable for the price and quality of goods and services they sell in the marketplace.


Keeping in line with the National Consumer Helpline, CAI Consumer Helpline shall have a twofold objective –

1. To provide advice, guidance, information to consumers and empower them to fight for their consumer rights.

2. To persuade businesses to reorient their policy and management systems to address consumer grievances in an effective, efficient and quick manner.


CAI Consumer Helpline shall aim to achieve its objectives using a 3 tier approach as below:

Tier 1 – Provide guidance, advice and information to consumers on steps to be taken by themselves to redress their grievance against a manufacturer, trader or service provider. CAI Helpline centre shall maintain knowledge database of contact details of companies. This service shall be provided FREE of cost.

Tier 2 – provide alternate dispute resolution services whereby CAI counsellors shall mediate between the aggrieved consumer and the opposite party (manufacturer, trader or service provider) to arrive at an amicable resolution that is mutually agreeable to both parties. This service shall be provided free to all who join CAI as

Tier 3 – Approach the consumer forum and file a consumer complaint. CAI shall not represent the complainant in the forum but shall refer a reputed independent lawyer in our panel. Lawyer fees are applicable. CAI members shall enjoy discounted rates.

Priority shall be given to Tier 1 and Tier 2 steps in order to promote quick redressal and to reduce burden on the consumer forum. Only in the event these two steps are not successful, Tier 3 step shall be taken.

Training of Counsellors:

CAI counsellors shall be trained and well informed about the CP Act and its changes and amendments and will be well equipped to answer queries/questions posed by consumers on varied issues. They shall have detailed understanding of working and issues faced in different sectors like banking, insurance, telecom, consumer durables, e-commerce as well as industries like railways, LPG, postal, electricity etc. In addition, counsellors shall also be trained to give information about sectors/departments that do not fall under the purview of CP Act like Aadhar and other government schemes. In the event the counsellor is unable to answer query, sector experts shall be available to take the call. Training and development of counsellors will be an ongoing activity at the Helpline. The counsellors shall be trained in communication and soft skills as well.

Review and Monitoring:

Quality of advice given and service provided by the counsellors shall be reviewed and monitored on a continuous basis. CAI has developed a complaint management system that enables us to maintain reports of number of calls received, advice/information given by counsellors, record documents received from complainant, details of steps/action taken to resolve consumer disputes and turnaround time taken to resolve disputes. Mystery calls shall
be made to review/monitor the quality of content and service provided by counsellors.

Knowledge database:

The database shall be updated on a daily basis with contact details of companies, regulators, associations etc. The database shall include contact details of national brands and MNC’s and also local traders and service providers.

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