Mr.G.Santhanarajan gave an interview to Sun TV on 13th September 2016 about Shampoo.
How effective are shampoo’s for cleaning hair?
Hair is made up of a kind of protein which requires nourishment and to keep it clean.
People use hair oil or vegetable oils to make their hair shining and convenient for hair dressing.
After a day’s outing , next day morning the hair needs cleaning for which shampoos are advertised and promoted to the consumers. There are 3 types of shampoos
1. Surfactants
2. Herbal shampoos
3. Soap based shampoo

The surfactants act on the surface of the hair, to remove the sticky oils. For effective cleaning several chemicals are added for further improvements.

1. To remove dandruff
2. To add colours
3. To add fragrance

Some people also use hair dyes, which may cause cancer as they contain strong aminos (ie) chemicals to make the hair dark black in colour.

It is always suggested to read the contents of the label to understand the ingredients in the product.

These cosmetics are regulated by Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940

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