An interview was given by Mr.G.Santhanarajan to Puthiya Thalaimurai IT magazine on 1.9.16 about food preservation (Domestic/ Industry)

Food preservations has been practiced for centuries both at domestic level and at the industry level.

Pickling of different fruits and vegetables is one best example which everyone could understand easily from our grandmas and to a newly married housewife they are aware of the procedures in pickle making etc., though they are not aware of the science behind the food preparation. Following are some more examples of food preservation.

1. Drying cereals and pulses and other food grains preserve the food for a longer shelf life.

2. Freezing in a refrigerator is another way of keeping the microbes inactive.

3. Boiling and sterilizing is one way of killing the bacteria to keep the food safe.

4. Carbon dioxide filled beverage container keeps away the polluted air. Adding vinegar or citric acid in food preparation is reducing the PH to higher acidic level to keep food safe.

5. Similarly chemical preservatives like benzoic Acid/ sulpher-dioxide keeps the food safe in fruit jams, juices etc.,

All the principles involved in food preservation, type of foods preserved how it is controlled by FSS Act 2006, how all these preservatives are reported in food analysis, were discussed during the interview.

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