Reporter from magazine Kungumam contacted Mr.G.Santhanarajan. An interview on the following lines was given to him.

When FSS Act was introduced?

The introduction of FSS Act 2006 was explained.

FSS Rules 2011 and Regulations 2011

1. Licensing and Registration procedures to be followed by FBO’s
2. Various punishments prescribed under the Act for violation of the provision of the Act.
3. For non compliance of FSO’s order by FBO
4. Not taking Licence or Registration by FBO
5. Selling unsafe food to consumer
6. Selling misbranded food to public
7. For preparation of unhygienic food and selling it.
8. For misleading advertisement etc., and the quantum of punishment prescribed under the Act was explained to the magazine.

Guide to approaching a consumer court

India's first practical guide to resolving your complaints by approaching consumer court. Guidance
Customer Complaint


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