The Consumers Association of India joined the national stream when it started campaigning for Swachh Bharath. The special campaign on “keeping Monuments Clean” was held at Mahabalipuram on 30th April 2016 as part of the nation vide campaign from 16th April to 30th April 2016 at heritage sites.

Mamallapuram is situated 60kms South of Chennai. This tourist town is famous for its stone carvings. It is after the great Pallava Ruler Narashimhavarman- I (AD 630-68) Monuments like rock cut Raths, sculptured scenes on open rocks, caves, monolithic temples carved 0ut of single rocks attract even foreign tourists to this world heritage site.

Swachh Bharath pledge was taken by all participants at the entrance to the monument visible to all tourists. The pledge was administered by Sri.N.M Murugan, Executive Officer Mamallapuram.

15 placards with Swachh Bharath Slogans were carried by participants throughout the programme visible to tourists. Being a weekend Saturday coinciding with beginning of summer holidays there was heavy flow of tourists. Hence the visibility of campaign was much more than what we expected.

1000 hand bills printed with Swachh Bharath vision statements in English/Tamil were distributed throughout the programme.

Garbage collection bags were distributed to all mobile vendors to collect the day’s wastage.

On seeing CAI’s Swachh bharath campaign Mr. A. Kathar Basha (Mobile No 9940450122) a stone carving worker and a tourist guide at Mamallapuram approached us to help keep his area clean as all the complaints made to authorities concerned by local residents did not fetch any good result.

We Visited “Koranattu kuttai” – a small pond at the heart of Mamallapuram, near Otha vadai street, at ward No. 11. This was misused by residents for open defecation and letting their household / street sewage into the pond making the entire area an ugly scene with obnoxious odour and unfit for dwelling as complained by one of the residents of that area. They handed over to us a petition signed by 44 residents of that area for urgent action.

CAI has promised the residents of that area and has decided to take up the issue with concerned authorities.

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