A study across 45 cities in the word, finds that noise pollution form vehicles, power drills, wedding music, loudspeakers, head-era phone usage, television is robbing nearly 2 decades of healthy hearing from citizens of cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

The study by a German organisation found that 64% of the hearing loss could be explained by the region’s noise pollution levels.

The data was collected from people who were given the organisations hearing test apparatus.Participants can enter their age, gender and measure of hearing, that cover the human auditory perception form 20,000 HZs. The theory is that age irreversibly destroys the tiny hair in your inner ear, making it harder to hear high pitched tones. The oldest will perceive less range of frequencies.

There are international standards for ideal hearing abilities. The researchers studied, how far, the hearing ability deviated from what is ideal, which is known as “Hearing loss”.

Residents in Vienna are found to have the smallest “HL” meaning that a 30 year old there can hear that a 42 year old in Delhi which is the worst at 19.34. This will mean that a 30 year old Delhi resident had the auditory level of a 49 year old Vienna.

Zurich, Switzer land had the least noise pollution areas.

1.3 billion people all over the world are suffering from hearing impairment. As per WHO 10% of global population are exposed to noise pollution. It also says that exposure to more than 100DB is bad. Crackers generate 125 DB. The general level of Db in Delhi, Mumbai and Luck now goes beyond the national limit of 75DB.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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