Leptospirosis is a zoonotic or animal borne disease caused by the bacteria of the genus leptospira. It is largely found in animals and occasionally surfaces in humans. It is most commonly spread through water contaminated by contaminated food. Soil can also act as vehicles for the disease. The key carriers are rodents, livestock and dogs and that is why it is also known as of rat fever.

Much like dengue it can manifest itself as no more than a mild flu and progress to a severe form that can cause kidney damage liver failure respiratory distress, meningitis and even death about 90%of leptiospirosis cases manifest mild symptoms and the fatality rate can go as high as 15% according to the health ministry.

Rapid ecological changes have caused many new zoonotic diseases to emerge and resulted in epidemics leptospirosis is one among them.

Because leptospirosis manifested several symptoms similar to dengue, malaria and jaundice it was frequently overlooked and therefore it has advised the states to use blood test and serology to identify cases. It also has a detailed procedure for lab technicians to take body fluids samples for testing.

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