Sandeep Anil Verma has won a Consumer Disputes battle against Sony India Pvt. Ltd. and Abhinav Enterprises.

Verma, who owned a handycam, had taken it to Ahinav Enterprises for repairs, as the display screen was faulty. The product was inspected and a service sheet drawn up. Verma was asked to collect the piece after 15 days.

When he went to Abhinav Enterprises at the appointed time, he was told that the handycam had been sent to Mumbai as no display screen was available, and that it would take an additional 20 days.

Verma told the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum that he had been able to get his property back only after six or seven months of relentless follow-up, and that, when it was returned to him, not only had the fault not been rectified, the display panel was also loose. He said he had brought the matter to the notice of Abhinav Enterprises, but only received ‘evasive replies’ from them.

He sought a new Sony Handycam or the price of one, plus compensation for mental harassment.

Abhinav Enterprises and Sony disputed Verma’s claims. They said the warranty period on the handycam was over, that Verma had refused to pay the cost of the repairs, and that he had been harassing them.

The Forum went through the records and noted that the defective display screen was not in dispute. It had also been recorded that Verma was prepared to pay for the repairs. It was also a fact that when the handycam was finally returned to Verma, the original defect had not been repaired, and there was also a fresh defect. It dismissed the company’s claim that the loose display panel was a pre-existing fault, because there was no mention of it in the job-sheet.

The Forum ordered that the handycam’s display panel be repaired at the cost of the company and Abhinav Enterprises, and the display screen be rectified at Verma’s cost. It also directed Sony India Pvt. Ltd. and Abhinav Enterprises to pay Verma Rs. 5,000 as costs.


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