Lalaji Memorial Omega International school, Kolapakkam arranged four awareness programes for their teachers on 27.5.2016 and 30.5.2016 in their school. Apart from regular stream of courses, preparation for Cambridge University, London is also going on in their premises.

All the 200 teachers were formed into 4 groups. 2 groups were trained on the topic “Food Adulteration and Contamination and another 2 groups were trained on the title Nutrition and Preservation.

The discussion started around the latest controversy of cancerous ingredients present in breads. All the teachers most of them being mothers were concerned about the possible adulterants present in various food items. Several questions were raised on the composition of milk, oils, pizza, carbonated water. They also wanted to know how to identify junk foods, Artificially ripened fruits. Clarifications were sought on the safety aspects of traditional foods and street foods etc.,

On the whole all of them enjoyed the session it was a different experience for them. All the principals, vice principals, senior principal and correspondent of the school who attended were also keen to hear food safety messages.

The organizer of the program Mr.Srinivasan has sent a message stating that the feedback reported by the teachers was encouraging and overwhelming.

Mrs.Kalyani Rajaraman, Project Director and Mr.G.Santhanarajan, Director CAI & CONCERT conducted the programmes.

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