Consumers Association of India from the angle of consumers on the advisory recently issued by FSSAI on the subject prohibiting the use of News Papers for packing snacks and prepared foods like (sundal) by Hawkers, road side food stalls and street food vendors was sought by Ms. Bhuvaneswari of Aval Vikatan.

Following points were explained to her by our Director Mr.G.Santhanarajan..

1. Only advisory to State FSSAI’s has been included.

2. No penalty clause has been presented –

3. State units have been advised to discourage this bad habit at food stalls.

4. The News papers may contain bacteria, printing ink, chemical additives, dust, metallic residues, dyes. etc.

5. of such paper in contact with foods may create stomach ache, disturbances in the mouth, irritation in the stomach, ulcer and even cancer.

6. Awareness may be created among traders and consumers adding a penalty clause Making rules to this affect would not solve the problem. There are about 12 million street food vendors in India.

7. Implementing a rule in all these outlets is practically impossible.

8. Hence only advisory role has been taken as a first step.

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