SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers implemented voluntary recall code in 2012, to improve safety and ensure consumer rights. It took some time for the vehicle manufacturers, to come to terms and between 2012-2015 1.8 million vehicles were recalled.

List of auto recalls in 2016

1. Suzuki motor cycle recalled during March to June 54,740 units of Access 125 scooters for rectifying faulty rear axie shafts.

2. Yamaha motors recalled 902 Units, in June 2016 for defect in clutch.

3. Ford India recalled 48,700 Eco sport compact SUVs(manufactured in 2013/14) for installation of a clip on the fuel/ break line and for a problem in the rear folding seat.

4. In June 2016, Volkswagen recalled 3,23,000 units following a scam in its emission standards. This includes 1,90,000 Volkswagen, 88,700 Skoda, 36,300 numbers of Audi and 8000 other vehicles.

5. In march 2016 Honda recalled 2 lakh units, Jazz and civil model rangers for faulty air bags, across the city and repairs were carried out free.

6. Maruti Suzuki recalled 75,000 vehicles of Baleno premium and 2000 Swift for faulty brake and fuel filters and to upgrade an air bag controller.

8. Honda recalled 1.9 lakh cars due to faulty airbags.


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