The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has upheld complaints about several educational institutions regarding misleading or unsubstantiated claims made in regard to performance of students, placement successes, and even credentials of the institutions.

The ASCI has named Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.. Shyamli Institute of Hotel Management, Knowledge Station India Private Limited (The Santa Kidz) and Mahendra Education Pvt. Ltd (Mahendra’s No.1 Institute) among others for violating the codes of fair advertising.

The complaints regarding the institutions were made by both students and their parents.

Coaching classes of various types are considered good business prospects in India, given the preoccupation with achievements in education, but it is an unregulated sector. These institutions rely on advertisements to woo students.

The ASCI has a brief to protect the interests of consumers in various categories. In pursuit of this aim, the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) of the ASCI deals with complaints received from various quarters against advertisements which are felt to be false, misleading, indecent, illegal, leading to unsafe practices, or unfair to competition.


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