Going forward, the packaging of antibiotics will carry a red line to enable consumers to easily distinguish them from other types of medication. The move is expected to contribute towards efforts to bring down the worrying growth of antibiotic resistance in the country.

The Drug Control General of India (DCGI) has asked all pharmaceutical companies to print a red line on the packaging of antibiotics in capsule, pill and syrup forms.

A study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) shows that sepsis accounted for as many as 58,000 neo-natal deaths as per 2013 statistics, a clear indication of the impact of excessive use of antibiotics in India.

The 17th International Congress on Infectious Diseases was told that the percentage of antibiotic resistance has touched 47 per cent in India.

Apart from doctors prescribing possibly unnecessary dosages of antibiotics at hospitals and clinics, much of which goes unreported, pharmacies are also guilty of selling antibiotics to people who approach them without proper prescriptions.

Dr Soumaya Swaminathan, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

called for a surveillance mechanism to control the misuse of antibiotics while Yoganandam, deputy drug controller of Telangana stressed that patients, doctors and drug store owners must be made aware of the negative repercussions of excessive use of antibiotics on human health.

Source: http://pharmabiz.com

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