The Advertising Standards Authority of UK has asked Amazon to clarify its free delivery policy following a complaint from a customer.

The shopper ordered a product listed as ‘eligible for free UK delivery’ from the AmazonBasics category. However, he found that on the product page, the price for the product listed was the same, but there was a corollary to the ‘free delivery’ offer – it said delivery was free on orders over 20 pounds. He therefore added another item to the cart to avail of the free delivery offer.

Nevertheless, he had to pay a delivery charge at the checkout.

Amazon said details about free delivery were available on a separate page, and there it was made clear that items not dispatched by Amazon did not fall under the ‘free delivery category, and therefore these items would make no difference to the minimum limits for free delivery offers.

The ASA, after going through the evidence, found Amazon’s statements confusing. It noted that customers were likely to take the cost of delivery into account when considering various retailers to purchase an item.

The ASA has told Amazon to include the delivery charge alongside the price of a product if one applied, and to not mislead consumers on the terms under which their order would qualify for free delivery.



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