Jet Airways (India) Ltd. And JetLite (India) Ltd. are to jointly pay a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh to one Raghuveer Reddy, who approached the Consumer Court with a complaint against the airlines.

Reddy said he and his daughter Nidhi, a professional tennis player, had booked seats on a Jet Airways flight from Hyderabad to Pune, where Nidhi was to play in a tournament.

A few hours before the scheduled departure of the afternoon flight, he had received an SMS saying that the flight he was booked on had been cancelled, and informing him that he and his daughter would be accommodated in another flight leaving at 9:15 that night, Reddy said.

He had requested the authorities to accommodate them on an earlier flight because of the tournament, Reddy said, but the airlines did not oblige. He was therefore forced instead to take a flight to Mumbai, and travel by road from there to Pune, suffering “much harassment and hardship” in the process.

Reddy claimed that the uncertainties and the subsequent hardships they had to suffer had affected Nidhi’s performance and cost her a spot in the ITF 10K Tournament. He appealed to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum to award him Rs. 5 lakh as compensation.

The respondents submitted that Reddy had booked the flight through JetLite, a separate legal entity, and not through Jet Airways as mentioned in the complaint, and sought dismissal of the case on grounds of ‘misjoinder of parties’.

After hearing all the evidence, the Forum noted that the fact that Sahara Airlines was taken over by Jet Airways and re-christened JetLLite (India), and the internal arrangements between the two entities need not be known to customers, and ruled that hence, the case could not be dismissed.

It found that there had indeed been deficiency of service by the airlines, and directed them to pay Reddy Rs. 2,000 as costs, apart from the compensation of Rs. 1 lakh.


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