1. For not repairing dysfunctional parts of an air-conditioner within the warranty period, a city-based electronics store and an LG company dealer have been ordered by a consumer forum to jointly pay a compensation of Rs 50,000 to the customer.

2. The matter dates back to 2011, when T Suresh Kumar, a resident of Periyar Nagar, purchased a one-ton LG air-conditioner from a store in Red Hills for Rs 20,000. A few days after purchase, the air-conditioner was not working properly due to gas leak.

3. After registering multiple complaints, technicians attended to the device but were unable to fix it. The opposite party said the fault indicated by the complainant was rectified. “The authorised agent of LG Electronics works based on the instructions of the Area Manager, hence cannot be held responsible for this complaint,” said the opposite party in their petition.

4. The North Chennai Consumer Redressal Forum observed that even though the compressor malfunctioned within the warranty period, it was not repaired or replaced even after multiple assurances from the manager.

5. Noting that this amounted to deficiency in service, the forum comprising of K Lakshmikantham and D Babu, ordered both the dealer and electronics shop to jointly pay a fine of Rs 50,000 to the complainant along with a litigation fee of Rs 5,000.

Courtesy Indian Express

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