These are best of times and these are the worst of times. Today’s Indian consumer is faced with a bewildering array of choices for practically any product or service. But the options are so many and confusing that many are not sure how to choose the right product. New high tech products and complex services are accompanied by high flown technical jargon and mumbo jumbo, which is very confusing. Intense competition has inevitably led to power selling, with each vendor highlighting their “features” and touting their value.

Dependable advice from a body of experts on these products and services will go a long way in assisting consumers to make the right choice, most suited for their needs and requirements. Access to the experience and comments from users of these products and services will further clarify and expose people to potential scams and pitfalls. CAI facilitates this exchange of ideas through public seminars and workshops with interactive participation from the public.

We will continue to bring out well researched guides for these products and services, written by the experts in these fields. The guides will cover:

Jargon, features and pros/cons of the options available in the field.

The fine print and the caveats so that users know what exactly they are getting into.

Simple ways to assess own needs and how to choose the right product.

We believe that these guides along with the seminars/workshops where users share their experiences with the experts in the field, will benefit consumers and give them sufficient knowledge of products and services; help them to differentiate between real and glitzy features; and give them true freedom of choice.

Guide to approaching a consumer court

India's first practical guide to resolving your complaints by approaching consumer court. Guidance
Customer Complaint


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