CAI is now a Full Member of the Consumers International and a participant in the deliberations of CI on various subjects of consumer interest. CAI has access to the research and articles from other members. These will be regularly published in our Consumer’s Digest and in our web site for access by members and limited access to the non-members.

CAI has a sister organization CONCERT. This focuses on the research and training and also undertakes projects on behalf of CI, Government and other NGOs. Has developed a Food test-kit to check for the common adulterants in the food items. These are manned by specialists in this area who have many years of experience and are assisted by experts in these areas.

Our Associates

Colleges – Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College (SIET) Chennai

Schools – Omega International School
Devi Acadamy

Our Associates sites

Food Safety & Standards Authority of India

Ministry of Consumer Affairs

CAI Food Safety Portal

Guide to approaching a consumer court

India's first practical guide to resolving your complaints by approaching consumer court. Guidance
Customer Complaint


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