Consumers Association of India (CAI), a voluntary consumer organization based in Chennai is actively involved in consumer protection work since March 2001. We are recognized both by GOI and the State Government. Our main objective is to spread consumer awareness through seminars, workshops, training programmes and through our publications. We have successfully conducted over 56 seminars under the Responsibilities and Rights series. Here are some highlights.

Do you know how interest rate is calculated on your bank savings account? As per RBI guidelines, interest was calculated on the minimum balance during the period from the 10th to the last day of each calendar month. We conducted a banking services seminar where theDeputy Governor of RBI was the key note speaker. After the seminar, we made a representation to the Deputy Governor regarding payment of interest on savings bank account to be calculated on a Daily Product Basis. We are happy to say that this has been implemented with effect from April 2010, bringing relief to millions of financial consumers.

We conducted a seminar on Reverse Mortgage for senior citizens and ran a counselling centre for Reverse Mortgage, at our office.

Our 30th Seminar on Legal Metrology, Weights and Measures was held on 27th November 2010. After intensive deliberations between attending delegates and government representative, a resolution was passed that necessary modifications in the Legal Metrology Act and Packaged Commodities Rules are to be taken up urgently. Few highlights of our recommendations made to protect interest of consumers include.

Accountability of enforcement officials in the verification of weighing and measuring instruments shall be ensured.

  1. For transparency, all legislations including guidelines, rules etc issued by the Department are to be placed on the website of the Department.
  2. Any company found to violate the provisions of the law should be made public through newspapers.
  3. All Fair Price Shops should be supplied with electronic weighing machines with dual display and printer.
  4. All medical instruments should be certified as conforming to BIS standards and should have the ISI mark.

CAI has recently been nominated to the Expert Working Group on Food and Food Safety by Consumers International.

CAI was nominated to the Expert Advisory Group set up by the Ministry of Civil Aviation Nominated as Member, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission

Successfully completed an awarenes programme for FSSAI in 5 districts of Tamil nadu.

Awarded a grant by Ann Fransen Fund, Netherlands for setting up a website to provide comparative information on rates charged for diagnostic tests by labs.

The website was launched on 17th March 2012 by the Hon’ble Minister for Consumer Affairs, Prof. K. V. Thomas.

For the year 2012, CAI was again awarded a grant by Ann Fransen Fund for a project regarding the need for pure drinking water.

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