Indian summers go with ceiling fans – millions of fans are sold across the country each year, as the housing sector and electrification grow exponentially. Energy efficiency becomes a significant issue in the light of the sheer volume of sale of ceiling fans. Yet, how many of the units conform to standards?

Consumer Voice, a voluntary organization, conducted a study on the matter, and found that a whopping nine of ten five-star rated brands of ceiling fans do not, in fact, meet BEE norms on air delivery, a key performance parameter. BEE stipulates a minimum air delivery of 210m/3 minutes.

The only brand among those studied which met the parameter was the lesser-known Lazer. This was followed by Usha and Marc. Lazer also met the five-star requirements with a service value of 4.46, power consumption of 48.88 watts. The energy efficiency and air delivery are both dependent on the service value.

All the brands passed in the service value test and all were found to be energy efficient, consuming between 48.88 watts and 51.25 watts, Consumer Voice said.

The study however found that “none of the 10 brands provided a standard speed regulator compatible with the fan, often leading to the usage of sub-standard regulators by users and thereby possibly affecting the fan’s performance”.

The Consumer Voice report noted that “There is scope for making ‘super-efficient’ fans by bringing down input power by 5% to 10%. A regulator should be capable of reducing the speed of the fan to at least 50%,” it added.


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